Our Services in Tele Calling (Voice):

We work for Domestic and International campaigns which includes inbound and outbound calls. We do telemarketing, Sales, and Customer service activities and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) services. Based on timing we fulfill our client requirement needs with their expectations.

We involve operations like:

Hiring right person for campaigns, Project Training, Scheduling Manpower, Target Allocation, Quality Checking, End conversion, and Sales Delivery.

Projects Handled in Tele Calling Outbound Calls:

Pure Voice (International & Domestic)

1. Payday Loan.

2. Placement service.

3. Insurance.

4. Mortgage.

5. Loan.

6. Education.

7. Credit Card.

8. Product Sales.

9. Survey.

10. Lead Generation.

11. Appointment Setting.

Semi Voice (Avatar Campaigns)

1. DME

2. Final Expense

3. Hearing Aid DMS 2.0

4. Tax Debt alliance Tax Advocate

5. Home Warranty

6. Credit Repair

7. EDU

8. Mortgage Refinance DMS

9. Reverse Mortgage

10. Medicare

11. Solar

12. Final Expense

13. Lyft Bright fire

14. Lyft First Impression

15. Cruise DMS

16. Holiday Cruise

17. Health Insurance